Watermark Cards

WATERMARK CARDS was formed in March 2010 to provide a relevant and professional distribution and publishing service to the Independent and Multiple retail sectors for the supply of greeting card and gift product. 

Since its inception in 2010 WATERMARK CARDS have grown into one of the most respected, innovative and popular suppliers to our market with a policy of continuous development to bring new product and ideas to our customers and providing additional value to the retail sector.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our service, and the excellence of our design and manufacturing process.At its core WATERMARK seeks to source and produce Irish Manufactured product and have a particular strength in Irish Language and Captioned cards. We also produce charity cards for Irish Cancer Society, Children’s Medical Research Foundation and Irish Hospice Foundation and this helps to raise much needed funds annually for these Charities.In tandem with the Irish product WATERMARK represents the best of International Publishers across all style guides and captions. Full details of our product selection is available from our products section of the website.

Specialist staff are employed to ensure that any queries or interaction that happens with WATERMARK CARDS is dealt with in a knowledgeable timely manner and the philosophy is that our customer’s needs are always the most important part of the process.

Technology also plays a major part in ensuring that orders are processed and electronically loaded onto our state of the art servers reducing errors and speeding up order turnaround times. Using CARD MANAGER software our sales and merchandising staff have real time access to our databases using a combination of iphones, ipads and tablet PC’s which ensures display plans can be properly merchandised and up to date imagery is always available.

Paul Slater and Brian Murtagh

25 years managing Card and confectionery companies, overseeing finance, HR and technology with a flair for the 'new' and an inexhaustible attention to detail.